World wide recognised italian producer of blind rivets and rivet nuts.

Well known company that provide quality production of drills and other tools.

One of the most important European leaders in production of fixing elements in constructioning.

Italian factory for production of retaining rings and washers.

Leader in production of mechanical anchors, lightweight fixings and facade insulation fixings.

Producer of hard steel nails, steel hooks, drive pins, concrete nails, etc.

Producer of hose clamps and fasteners.

German stainless steel and anti-corrosion fasteners, DIN and standard parts such as wood screws, metric screws, tapping screws, washers, nuts…

Threading, drilling, countersinking, measuring

Hand tools for semi proffessional use with EXPERT quality that can be found in all retail shops on our market.

Well known European producer of certified tools rivets and nuts with leading position on domestic market thanks to the high quality of its products.

As one of the laeding European manufacturers of grinding tools and the leader in the domestic market, SWATY has found its place in the MAGREM products stoch.

PRESSOL – the leading manufacturer of lubrication and garage equipment technology.

Production of elastic pins.

Supplier of fasteners and fitting elements and part od Paal group.